Greece 2021 Committee urges diaspora communities to take an active role in celebrating independence

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Next year we reach another important milestone - 200 years since the beginning of the Greek revolution that secured Greece's independence after centuries of Ottoman Turkish tyranny.

“Without doubt, the anniversary for the 200 years since the revolution is a major historic event not just for Greeks across the globe but the whole world too,” said Greek-Australian parliamentarian and president of the World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association, Peter Katsambanis, to SBS Greek.

The Committee of “Greece 2021” that are responsible for the 200 year anniversary events are aiming to collaborate celebrations with the vast Greek diaspora communities.

Politicians of Greek background and Greek community members worldwide are asked to submit ideas and proposals for promoting the importance of the anniversary to an international audience.

Peter Katsambanis MLA, who is also the head of a peak body linking together politicians of Hellenic heritage worldwide, envisions a big campaign spearheaded in Australia that would contribute to the celebrations.

Greece’s Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks abroad Kostas Vlasis along with the president of the “Greece 2021” Committee, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, have called on elected officials of Greek origin across the globe to put forward suggestions, brief the Committee on related commemorative events under preparation and ask for help required by the Greek state and the committee, SBS Greek reported.


"We have an abundance of representative bodies, elected politicians, community groups and the Archdiocese, we can all together join in for truly memorable celebration," Katsambanis said, adding "People can learn about how democracy was revived at the very place it was ‘born’, how Greeks and Philhellenes abroad had helped these efforts […] this key chapter in Greek history should not be forgotten."

The "Greece 2021” Committee is calling on Greek diaspora organisations to participate in the commemoration initiatives and welcome them to submit proposals and ideas on how to celebrate the anniversary via the website

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  1. OK, I am guessing that – exactly as in Sydney some years back, Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki and her team need OUR ideas.

    1. Stamps to honour 1821 by Australia Post (too late as we should have asked last year per their policies at the latest but I am trying anyway)
    2. An exhibition in Queen’s Hall state parliament with pictures/ posters, and a different speaker on a different relevant topic every night one week
    3. An 1821 play by a school or maybe each school is asked to do a different play IF they can
    4. Obviously a special presentation at both ANTIPODES 2021, and the annual Oakleigh Glendi, with music & costumes of that era (I would readily dress up if suitable era clothing were made available eg as an aged Evzone); include cooking demonstrations of what they would have eaten back then
    5. Articles in both Neos Kosmos and Ta Nea and any other Hellenic publications
    6. A couple of lectures within the GOCMV environment
    7. Another book on the subject but say 25 – 50 pages so it can be made available free and via email or printed off cheaply with the key facts and stories.
    8. Visit to Australia NOT just by Evzones but H. E. The President. She needs to be invited asap
    9. A controversial debate – That The Orthodox Church Was Disloyal in officially Opposing the War of Independence
    10. A dinner dance – NOT too expensive – but all profits to go to, say, the Vrellis Museums which honour 1821 amongst other aspects of our more modern history (unless there is another choice I am not yet aware of). Maybe this could be when H.E. is present.
    11. Hold a musical competition to write the Ballad of 1821. Prizes to be donated by sponsors.
    12. Lessons in all Greek schools re 1821; unit of work to be prepared for late primary and another for mid secondary
    13. Hellenic Honours/ Distinctions… Awards to members of the Victorian Hellenic community for outstanding service… But not again and again to actor this or sports star that as was done years ago.
    14. A short video compilation featuring photos and stories about 1821 heroes with 1821 music.
    15. A display at the 2021 Melbourne Show featuring dolls in appropriate dress from 1821, a little like the Vrellis Museum works.


    Mr Ange Kenos

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