Hotel prices slash on Greek islands

Hotel prices slash on Greek islands 1

Hotel prices slash on Greek islands 2

Research carried out by Ethnos, found that the law of supply and demand certainly applies with accommodation too. Due to coronavirus, prices have been slashed across all the Greek islands, but perhaps the most in Santorini.


“There is no prospect for this year,” said Antonis Iliopoulos, president of Santorini Hoteliers, saying hotel prices had fallen by 30% -40% compared to last year. For July, in a low-end 2-star hotel, the prices for a double room with breakfast start at 80 euros, but can be as high as 500 euros in a suite with a pool and view of the Caldera, when last year it would cost 800 euros.

For August, prices will start at 100 euros (instead of the 150 euros that was valid last year) and will reach 600 euros (instead of 1000 euros). Santorini airport opens on July 1 and is preparing to welcome flights from Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.


“We are at the last minute and after July 15, a serious move will begin to appear,” said the president of the Mykonos hoteliers, Maria Kousathanas.

The fullness on the island of winds for July is at 20% while in August prices will not drop. So the prices, in a 2 and 3 star hotel, will start from 180 – 200 euros per double with breakfast and will reach 1,000-2,000 euros, depending on the facilities of the hotel. Mykonos Airport is preparing to receive flights from Bahrain, all over Europe, and even direct flights from London.


Reservations are in single digits and the president of Paros hoteliers, Mania Ambatzi, said the estimates for this year are to have a fullness of 30%-35% compared to last year, a reduction that reaches 65%.

“We try to keep a balance in our prices, to not be destroyed either” said Ambatzi. On the Cycladic island, in July and August, you will find double rooms ranging from 50 euros in 2 and 3 star hotels and reaching 100 euros, depending on the facilities.


The president of the Naxos Hoteliers Association and Deputy Mayor of Tourism Vangelis Katsaras characterises this April as a bad one, with the cancellations following one after the other, or in the best of cases, being transferred to different dates. In all, 150 hotels on the island, will not open this year, while according to Katsaras, offers and indirect discounts on hotel price lists exist, such as, for example, five nights plus two gifts. Prices for August will range between 50-150 euros, depending on the stars and hotel facilities.


With the first flight of TUI Germany landing at the “Hippocrates” airport at 6 pm on Monday, June 29, in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Harry Theocharis, the Deputy Minister of Tourism Manos Konsolas and institutions of Kos, which mainly works with charter flights from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, it is difficult to fill this year’s gap with domestic tourism.

“When we receive 1,200,000 tourists, only 5%-10% of the island’s tourist traffic concerns domestic tourism,” said the president of the Hotel Owners Association of Kos, Konstantina Svinou, explaining that Greeks have always welcomed the island but without being able to support it in terms of tourism and economy. There will be special offers and packages for Greeks, with prices starting at 50 euros and reaching 150 euros, depending on the category of the hotel, while Svinou said discussions are taking place between the Hotel Owners Association of Kos and the Aegean for the promotion of special packages.

As for the picture for this season on the island of Hippocrates, “estimates say it will be at 30% of last year’s arrivals,” said Svinou.


With simple events and a limited number of citizens, the “Miaoulia 2020”, the 185th anniversary of the death of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis, is curently being celebrated (June 25-28) on the picturesque island of Hydra. And there, with occupancy rates hovering around 20% for July, when in the same period last year it was 80% -85%, hoteliers and businessmen on the island are hoping for last minute bookings.

“We are moving sand,” the president of the Hydra hoteliers, Maria Kladaki, estimating that the season will end with a 20%-30% but saying “we hope it will go to 40%.” August is moving with more fullness, compared to July, with reservations that have shifted since May, and prices start at 60 euros and reach 200 euros, depending on the stars and facilities of each hotel.


In Zakynthos, where 55%-60% of tourists come from Great Britain, and only 25% -30% from Greece, there is a moderate optimism. As reported by the president of the Federation Accommodation Zakynthos Andreas Kotsonis, the image of the island, at present, are “frozen”, but with the opening of international flight from 1 to July, and as it passes, hoping that the situation will be reversed.

International flights start with Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bologna from Italy and Poland, with efforts to connect with England from July 4, etc. Kotsonis also touched on the need for small and medium-sized enterprises.

“The taps are closed, we need support from the banks, we have no help,” said the president of the Zakynthos Accommodation Federation.