Greece will continue to contribute to the rebuilding of Syria

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias underlined that Greece will continue to contribute to the collective efforts for the rebuilding of Syria and the return of the refugees to their homes, following the fourth Brussels Conference on Syria.

Dendias who participated in the teleconference said that they examined the current situation in Syria and in the region and discussed the offering of additional support.

“The ongoing conflict had cause great suffering to the Syrian people, uprooting thousands of people from their homes. Moreover, a large part of infrastructures has been destroyed and coordinated efforts on the part of the international community as well as significant funds are necessary for their restoration,” he said.

He also noted that the total implementation of the UN Safety Council Resolutions and a political solution without third countries’ involvement is of major importance for Syria and for its people.

“The ultimate goal of the international community’s efforts is the rebuilding of the country and the return of the refugees to their homes,” he added.

In closing, Dendias expressed “Greece’s readiness to continue to contribute, within its capacity, in this collective effort. Finally, in response to Turkey’s references to our country, I recalled Turkey’s recent exploitation of human suffering in an attempt to blackmail the European Union.”