Eleni Menegaki’s tearful goodbye from Greek TV (VIDEO)


On Wednesday 1st July, Eleni Menegaki said goodbye to viewers with tears.

She leaves behind 30 memorable years on Greek television.

“I want to tell you. I never had papers in front of me, they are what my soul has inside. If there’s one thing I want you to remember from all the years we’ve been friends, it’s that it was all true … And on this journey I enjoyed it inside from my soul,” she exclaimed.

“People have written history and we write it together. I am here because my friends were amazing. I’m not excited because a cycle has ended at ALPHA, it’s something that excites me, but this is not the first time in my life,” she added.

Speaking about her career in television, she admitted that “she closes a huge, very huge chapter.”

Eleni Menegaki thanked everyone she has worked with, saying that “I would not have done anything if I did not always have people next to me to learn, if I had not disagreed with them. Thank you so much.”

At the end of the show, looking at the camera, she addressed the viewers, saying that she was excited.

“One by one, all true, without lies, thank you. I hope my eyes told you a lot today, more than my voice. I will look for you and you will look for me but remember one thing: Life goes on and it full of surprises, because as a friend of mine used to say ‘My Elenitsa, when life stops surprising you it is death’. Good luck guys. Happy Summer! “were the last TV words of Eleni Menegaki.

Two months ago on her Name Day, Menegaki announced that she would be departing from Alpha and Greek TV, to pursue other interests.

Morning TV won’t be the same without the ‘Queen of the morning talk shows’.

You will be missed. Goodbye and good luck Eleni Menegaki!

GCT takes a look back on her career and highlights that have made her a staple household name and fixture in millions of homes worldwide.

Eleni started at MEGA in 1991 as a model on a morning show and a year later for the same network became a co-host of a highly successful game show.

In 1994 she appeared in an acting role on ANT1’s comedy series ‘Pater Imon’ and the following year became host of ANT1’s ‘Proinos Kafes’. That gig and show skyrocketed her popularity and success where she continued hosting for 10 successful years, reigning the ratings and holding the number one spot for daytime television.

Since 2005, the morning show Queen has been with Alpha hosting ‘Kafes me tin Eleni’ before the show’s name changed to ‘Eleni’, a favourite amongst millions of Greeks around the world who have followed her since her early years on television.

With the success of her shows, Eleni Menegaki became one of the most successful celebrities in Greece. She is constantly followed by paparazzi, makes headlines and her personal and professional life have always been a highly discussed topic.

Eleni is also considered a role model by many Greek women. Her absence on our screens would be intensely felt and hugely missed but we’re hopeful that these rumours are just that, rumours, and Eleni will continue gracing our TV’s and mornings for many more years to come.


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