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John Macris’ widow Viktoria Karida comes face-to-face with his accused killers


John Macris’ widow Viktoria Karida came face-to-face with her husband’s alleged killers as they were led into the Athens court room on Wednesday.

However, it was too painful for her, that she broke down in tears and had to leave the room.

‘I am devastated but I remain strong,’ Karida told reporters, according to News Corp.

The Greek-Australian businessman was murdered outside his home in Voula on October 31st, 2018, as he was walking towards his car to attend a launch of his new security business.

Bulgarian national Yuliyanov J Raychev Serafim, 31, has been charged with first degree murder. His brother Milen Raychev is also accused of being involved.

It is recalled last week, one of the brothers in prison spoke to Star and denied he was the killer.

“I am just happy to be free. Neither I nor my brother have anything to do with this heinous crime. I came to Greece, as I have done so many times in the past, because I love Greece. I wanted to bring my family and my newborn son to live here,” he said in prison.

“I am not a murderer. I’m not a criminal,” he insisted. “I came to Greece with my own name, passport and credit cards. I rented a room at the hotel, travelled by plane and rented cars, all with my passport. I never tried to hide, I had nothing to hide.”

“Does a professional criminal behave this way?” he questioned.

The Bulgarian defendant claims that he had no motive to kill the businessman and describes the charges against him.

“They say I shot Macris and returned to my hotel in the rented car. I spent the night and then handed over the rented car with all my DNA and made a flight reservation for the next afternoon to return home,” he explained.

“Then I returned (to Greece) a few months later and went to the same hotel and the same car rental office in Glyfada. The accusation is crazy. I have nothing to do with crime, I did nothing wrong. I did not know Macris so of course I was not motivated to kill him,” he continued.

Last week, Karida posted the messages their children wrote for their dad on what would have been his 48th birthday.

Macris’s daughter wrote: ‘Daddy, I love you a lot, you are the best there is no other like you, you are very kind, happy birthday.’


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