More than 1,000 Italian tourists expected to arrive in Greece on Thursday

By 2 years ago

Seven ferries from Italy with over 1,000 passengers are expected to arrive at the port of Patras on Thursday.

This comes after a nearly 3.5-month suspension of sailings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

CEO of the Patras Port Authority, Panagiotis Tsonis yesterday stated that "seven ships with about 150 to 200 passengers each are expected to arrive tomorrow and in addition to the controls, our concern is not to create a traffic problem in the port." As he explained, "we are taking all necessary measures at the port, so that there is no delay in both unloading and loading of ships."

Meanwhile, two ferries docked at Patras port on Wednesday, transporting a large number of trucks and drivers from Italy.

Coronavirus checks are being undertaken at the port by authorities and of the National Public Health Organisation.

Ferries were only allowed to transport trucks from mid-March on, due to the pandemic.


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