Two-thirds of Greeks think a "hot incident" with Turkey will occur within 12 months

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The latest data from surveys conducted by MRB, are extremely interesting. The nationwide survey of 2000 citizens, was conducted between June 17-25.

With the intention to vote and in the data recorded in the trends of MRB, the ruling New Democracy (ND) Party leads with a difference of 18.2% against the SYRIZA opposition party.

Specifically, ND records a percentage of 40.1% with SYRIZA following with 21.9%. They are followed by: Movement for Change with 6.6%, KKE with 5.2%, Hellenic Solution with 3.8%, DAY 25 with 2.8% and Golden Dawn with 1.5%.

4.9% of respondents chose another party, while the percentage of "Unexplained Vote" reached 13.2%. The percentage of "Unspecified Voting" is analysed as follows: "I did not decide-I do not answer": at 8% and "Invalid-Abstention" at 5.2%.

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In a vote between only ND and Syriza, ND leads with 65.3% while SYRIZA gathers a percentage of 15.3%.

The "No Party" option accounts for 6.6%. That is followed by "Another party" with a percentage of 5.2% and "I do not know / I do not answer" with a percentage of 7.5%.

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When asked which of the two parties, ND or SYRIZA, you would like to win even by one vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the results found- ND 43.4%, SYRIZA 26.6%, while 17.8% no party.

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When asked which of the two parties, ND or SYRIZA, would bother you if they won even by one vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, 45.3% answered SYRIZA and 33.1% answered ND.

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Of particular interest are the percentages of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of ND and opposition leader Alexis Tsipras of SYRIZA on the question: "Which of the two do you think would be more suitable for prime minister of the country?"

In particular, the prime minister and president of ND gathered 45.6% of respondents, and the president of SYRIZA led the opposition to 26.3%. "Neither" was 23%.

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In the chart below, see the answers of the citizens to the question "which of the two major parties, ND or SYRIZA, can better deal with the problems."

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In the table below you can see how the popularity of political leaders is shaped in the June 2020 trends of MRB.

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To the question "will a possible reshuffle improve the functioning of the government?" 47.5% answered "definitely yes" and "probably yes".

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Citizens believe that the five most important problems in the country are: Unemployment with 49.3%, Immigration/Refugee/Economic migrants with 39.5%, Health/Care with 32.8%, Economic growth with 30.2% and COVID-19 pandemic with 29.9%.

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The word "fear" at 49% more expresses the citizens for the present and the future of the country, followed by "hope" with 41.4%, "anger" with 37.3% and "shame" with 26.8%.

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Regarding the indicators of optimism and specifically the question "how do you think things are going in general in our country," 54.6% answered "Very bad-Quite bad," while 13.8% answered "Very good- Pretty good".

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For the question, "How do you judge the economic situation of Greece in general today," 61.5% answered "Very bad - bad" and 8.1% answer "Very good-good".


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The coronavirus pandemic has left deep scars in the life of the country, as in other countries of the world. As for the health side of the pandemic, 75.3% of respondents fear an outbreak of the pandemic in the next period, while 63.4% are worried about the possibility of getting sick personally or getting sick from a family member, especially the elderly.

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To the question "How likely is a hot episode between Greece and Turkey during the next 12 months," 66% of citizens answered "a lot" and "likely".

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