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Floating dam to be installed in the next few days


A floating barrier in the Aegean Sea to prevent refugees reaching Greece’s islands from Turkey, will be installed in the next few days.

The 2.7 km project will be made of netting and flashing lights.

According to reports, the barrier will be built north of the island of Lesvos, where migrants often attempt to cross due to the short stretch of water.

Greece’s Defence Ministry had invited private contractors to bid on supplying the long floating fence.

Tens of thousands of undocumented migrants have landed on several eastern Aegean islands since the crisis erupted in 2015, mainly ferried onto Greek territory by migrant-smuggling rings operating from Turkey.

The floating barrier is a part of efforts by the Greek government in dealing with an explosive increase in refugee flows over the summer as the favourable weather sets in.

At the same time, Greek Police in Evros are ready to face a new wave of tens of thousands of immigrants, who will try to illegally enter Greece, as reported by Greek City Times.

Turkey’s (failed) asymmetric invasion attempt in March sounded the alarm to prepare intensively for any new attempts.

Greek police have stockpiled a huge supply of arsenal and logistical equipment to arm the forces taking part in the border protection operation.

With these necessary, and albeit expensive upgrades, Greek border forces are far more prepared for the next Turkish-induced border migration crisis that they have promised to restart.


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