Dendias to Ankara: If you want to turn Greece into an island in a Turkish lake, you can forget about it

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2 27

As Turkey continues to destabilise the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean by making repeated threats to invade Greek islands and steal oil and gas within Greece's maritime space, warnings from Athens to Ankara continue.

This time, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias made it clear to Turkey that their ambitions for a "Blue Homeland" will not eventuate.

The Blue Homeland aims for the Turkish Navy to control half of the Aegean Sea, including maritime space to the south of Crete, completely disregarding Greece's sovereignty.

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Blue Homeland

In a series of tweets, the Greek Foreign Ministry sent a loud and clear message, saying "I want to be absolutely clear on this: if Turkey wants to turn Greece into an island within a Turkish lake or sea, forget it. I repeat, forget it."

In the twitter thread, Dendias continued to say that "The next EU Foreign Affairs Council will consider in detail the issue of Turkish behaviour. Because Turkish aggression touches on the principles on which the European Union is based on and insults them."

"Only if Ankara realises that illegality and aggression have consequences will it be forced to change course," he continued.

Dendias then reflected on the relations that both Greece and Turkey have on external countries.

"We examined the evolution and dynamics of the network of collaborations we are developing in the Eastern Mediterranean and in the wider region. Collaborations, which, admittedly, contribute to regional stability," he said, adding "Where Turkey is destabilising, Greece and Cyprus are working constructively. It is no coincidence that these efforts are showing great interest in more and more countries, such as the United States and France."

"The European family has repeatedly condemned Turkey's behaviour, imposed sanctions and called on Turkey to comply with international law. Turkey is deaf and continues to challenge," Dendias explained.