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The future of Greece is shown by the health success, says Health Minister


Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias announced the installation of a Molecular Biology Analyser at Chania General Hospital ”St. George”, during his visit on the weekend, ANT1NEWS reported.

“Chania is of strategic importance to us. We have shown in the crisis that we weigh first and foremost the value of human life and support our health: Doctors, nurses, paramedics, bankers, cleaners, everyone,” Kikilias stated.

“From the Personal Protective Equipment that we had, to the medical protocols, the instructions of EODY, the love and the support of the State and the society to these people,” he continued.

The Health minister concluded by wishing the island all the best as the country opens up for tourism.

At the time of writing, Greece has recorded 3,519 coronavirus cases and 192 related deaths.

In an interview with ‘Ελεύθερος Τύπος της Κυριακής’, the health minister also stated that the future of the country is shown by the health success.

“Greece of 2019 has nothing to do with that of 2020, at every level,” Kikilias said. 

He added that “the electoral victory of New Democracy, under the leadership of Kyriakos Mitsotakis, marked a change of direction in both Greek society and the State. We left the gray behind us and opened our horizons.”

“If I had to choose the greatest achievement, I would say that it is, without a doubt, the management of the coronavirus pandemic. Greece has managed to become a global model,” he admitted.

“We succeeded because we were united and did not seek division, because we relied on science and not on micro-politics, because we put man at the centre and not material interest, because we worked hard, because we strengthened individual responsibility and social solidarity, because, in the end, we succeeded a result that goes beyond the mere sum of our forces.” 

He concluded by saying “in addition to ensuring and promoting health, our main goal for the NHS [Greek healthcare system] of the 21st century is to ensure the well-being of all: citizens, residents and visitors to Greece. From now on, our health success shows the country that we will soon be. “


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