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Greece’s favourite ION chocolate


World Chocolate Day on July 7th is all about celebrating chocolate’s delicious taste.

Today demands chocolate with every meal and you can’t argue with that, especially if you indulge in ION.

Greece’s most popular and recognised chocolate brand ‘ION’ first launched in Athens in 1930.

Although the first chocolate recipe was manufactured in 1927, the company was formally incorporated in 1930, with the main location being in Neo Faliro, Piraeus.

Over the years, ION introduced other chocolate varieties and confectionery products such as croissants and spreadable chocolate.

The successful company maintains its headquarters at the same place where it all began up to this day.

In 1947, ION introduced ION Amigdalou (Almond) and in the process, planted an almond tree that graced childhood years of many children with the sweetest taste and is still one of ION’s most popular products worldwide.

In 1956, the first ION store opened in downtown Athens and ION’s reputation spread by word-of-mouth. ION also assimilated with NASKO S.A. and gradually began to introduce new chocolates, candies, gums, wafers and many other delicacies, making its tastier ideas a reality one product at a time.

In 1998, the great Greek chocolate company decided to expand its business activities abroad and become a Greek chocolate manufacturer with international status.

Today, ION keeps growing and evolving as a 100% Greek enterprise and keeps its traditional values and doesn’t compromise taste.

With three ultramodern production plants in Greece, 950 employees and a turnover of more than 110 million euros on an annual basis, ION is among the 60 largest industrial companies in Greece.

ION is successfully expanding its export activity from the East to the West and can be found in most continents.

In its continuous effort to introduce its products to new markets, ION participates in international fairs each year with the aim to broaden its horizons, to establish its presence in the ever-evolving chocolate-making world and to create new collaborations on a global level.

*Images courtesy of ION


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