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Tsipras claims his return to power will put Greece on path to progress

1 year ago

Greece’s former Prime Minister, SYRIZA party leader Alexis Tsipras accused the Mitsotakis government of failure on all fronts.

Tsipras made the comments on the occasion of New Democracy’s celebration of one year in office since winning the July 7, 2019 national ballot. He noted that his party “possesses not only the moral and political capital, but also the experience and the determination to put Greece back on the track of democracy, progress and social justice together with all Greeks.”

The former PM called the first year of the New Democracy government a “difficult” and “dark” year for democracy, society and economy, the middle class and the country’s youth.

Tsipras claimed his government delivered a country free of memoranda, with a regulated public debt, and having also achieved international agreements for critical issues of national significance.