Australia: 200 Years of Hellenic History

Australia: 200 Years of Hellenic History

Australia: 200 Years of Hellenic History

The 25th of March 1821 commemoration is of religious and national importance for Hellenism. Hellenes around the globe celebrate on this day the Annunciation of Our Lady and the proclamation of the Modern Hellenic State, hence why we feel this milestone is a very important one.

This Commemoration gives us the opportunity to promote, educate and enhance the knowledge or understanding of our third, fourth and subsequent generations of what happened in 1821 thus ensuring the significance of this historical event is not lost.
In 2021 we respect our history, we remember our ancestors, we showcase Greece and we plan for our future.

The National Council for the Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary for the independence of the Modern Hellenic State is made of representatives from Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

The council is proud to present the official Logo that has been adopted for all the events in the official Australian Calendar. The council called for submissions from Greek Australian graphic artists who came up with various designs and logos.

The successful artist is a 24-year-old Greek Australian who resides in Victoria namely Ms. Paula Sagiadellis – Jermenis.


Her design is centered around the Bicentennial Anniversary with the focus being the number 200 and the two zeros showcasing the symbolic Olive Branch. Both zeros are intertwined signifying the eternal bonds between the two nations Greece and Australia using the National Greek Colors (Navy Blue and White) and the National Australian Colors, (Dark Blue, Red and White). The Logo also has the Holy Cross denoting our Christian orthodox faith.