Top 100 "most stunning under-the-radar" islands has three Greek listings

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The New York-based Insider media company, that is associated with the well-known and respected Business Insider, has compiled a list of "100 stunning islands around the world that fly under the radar".

Insider asked some of the most influential travel bloggers and experts from the likes of HotelTonight, Secret Escapes, Topdeck Travel, PK's List, and TravelSupermarket for the most breathtaking and memorable lesser-known islands they've ever visited. Frequent travellers in our own office also contributed, and some tips were taken from digital journalists and TripAdvisor users.

The list was not ranked but of the three Greek islands featured, it first showed Paros.

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According to Insider, Emma Leggat, Director of Communications for hotel deals and booking app HotelTonight, said: "This island’s secluded beaches, gorgeous hills and whitewashed villages make the perfect backdrop for anyone seeking a more laid-back vibe than the crowds of nearby Mykonos. Explore its charming villages and indulge your way through a culinary scene of renowned restaurants alongside authentic local gems."

The next Greek island featured was Thassos.

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"While the hit 'Mamma Mia' films have had travellers flocking to Greece, think of Thassos as the undiscovered Skiathos (where the film is based)," said Reigo Eljas, Country Director at "Known as the 'Emerald of the Aegean,' you’ll enjoy really stunning scenery and beaches. It’s got loads of quaint tavernas to laze around while you drink and eat  — it really is very, very Greek.

"Thassos is also great for watersports including: diving, paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing. You can fly to Kavala and then it’s a lovely 30 minutes journey on a ferry from there."

The final Greek island featured was Ios.

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Business Insider senior editor Ali Millington, who visited Ios in between more popular Greek holiday spots like Santorini and Athens, said: "This is an amazing, lesser-known find in the Greek islands. It's got beautiful beaches, but it's the vibe and the nightlife that should draw you here. If you're up for a party, stay at Far Out Beach Club."