British PM’s father is set to make £17,000 from his Greek villa this summer

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley Johnson, is reportedly going to make £17,000 from his Greek villa this summer as it is fully booked until the end of September, the Dailymail reported.

For the next two and a half months, Villa Irene in Pelion is fully booked.

This comes as the Greek government lifted a ban on UK tourists flying directly to the country on Monday.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic travel advice from the government, the 79-year-old arrived in Athens earlier this month, as reported by Greek City Times.

Johnson had flown via the Bulgarian capital Sofia because the Greek government had banned direct flights from the UK until mid-July.

According to Dailymail, speaking from the balcony of his villa in northern Greece, Johnson said: “I’m in Pelion on essential business trying to Covid-proof my property in view of the upcoming letting season. I need to set up distancing measures at the property because they’re taking it very seriously here.”

Responding to criticism, he said that he came to Greece to carry out the necessary work at Irene Villa, in order to ensure that it is safe to rent inline with the necessary health protocols.

British PM’s father is set to make £17,000 from his Greek villa this summer

Pelion and Horto, specifically where the Johnson family’s villa is located, has been a favourite holiday resort for years, both in summer and winter.

Mr Johnson reportedly rents the property for £2,100 per week during the peak summer season. Pitching the villa, the Real Holidays worker said: “One thing to note about Villa Irene is that the main master bedroom is upstairs with lovely views to the sea, and the other three bedrooms are downstairs and are a bit simpler.”

“There is also only an external staircase to the downstairs bedrooms. The main living room and kitchen are upstairs and there is a lovely balcony which makes most of the view and is a great spot for breakfast. There is also a table downstairs which has an awning so is a good place to have a shaded lunch,” they added