Thousands of Greeks travelled to Turkey in the first half of July

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With the coronavirus out of control in "North Macedonia" and Turkey provoking Greece where and how it can, Greeks continue to go back and forth between these two countries.

The reason for "North Macedonia", which had almost 15,000 Greeks visiting from July 1 to July 13 passing through Evzoni and Doirani, was to either to do their shopping where prices are significantly lower or to visit the casinos.

People in Northern Greece have begun to react as the Balkans has recently been one of the focal points of the coronavirus pandemic with ever-increasing cases.

According to data published by Sputnik, from July 10 until July 13, 4,901 Greeks crossed from Evzoni to "North Macedonia," while from the border station of Doirani, 2,181 had crossed in the direction of the neighbouring country.

Last July, around 54,000 Greeks had passed through the two border crossing.

Meanwhile, in Turkey, as revealed by the Deputy Regional Governor of Evros, "in the last days (1/7 to 12/7/2020) and only from the customs of Kipi, about 3,900 Greek citizens left [to Turkey], most of them Thracians."

The governor sent a heartfelt request to observe the sanitary protocols and rules of hygiene by those Greek nationals who come and go in the neighbouring countries, "Greek citizens leaving the Kipi customs Ormenio and Carp, must strictly adhere to health safety protocols for COVID-19, during their stay in Turkey and Bulgaria, as well as on their return."

Meanwhile, the Kourentas Tour Agency has announced that it is stopping all trips from Greece to Turkey, as reported by Greek City Times.

The agencies decision was in protest of the Turkish government’s unthinkable intention to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

“We hope that logic and the historical monument of world heritage will remain a museum,” the tour agency said in their announcement.

The agency based in the Thessalian city of Trikala has set a benchmark and it is expected that many other tour agencies in Greece will follow suit in not offering programs to travel to Turkey.