Covid-19 safety measures extended for beaches in Greece

Covid-19 safety measures extended for beaches in Greece

Covid-19 safety measures extended for beaches in Greece

Beach regulations implemented on all Greek beaches to minimise the risk of Covid-19 contagion, have been extended until July 31.

The Deputy Minister of Development and Investments Nikos Papathanasis, stressed the importance of individual responsibility and compliance with the measures, adding that the inspection mechanisms are on the road every day, constantly checking all sectors of the market.

It is recalled last month Greece was ranked second in the world for the Blue Flag quality award list of beaches, marinas and sustainable tourism boats.

Beach regulations:

  • Only two people can be seated under a single umbrella with the exception of families with young children.
  • Beach beds should be placed at least 1.5 meters apart from neighbouring umbrella; umbrellas should be placed 4 meters apart.
  • Team sports involving close contact are forbidden.
  • Beach bars and cafes or mobile units offering food and drink can serve items in a package (and continue to offer take-away services). Dispersed chairs and tables are allowed in café or bar space with customers seated at least 1.5 meters apart.
  • Social distancing and hygiene rules apply throughout.
  • Beach bars and cafés are not allowed to play music or hold parties and similar events.
  • Beach capacity has been set at 40 people per 1,000m2.
  • Employees are advised to wear masks and seaside businesses not enforcing the regulations will face fines of up to 25,000 euros and 20-day closure.

The deputy minister asked citizens to speak up if they see that safety measures are not being observed and ask for their implementation, adding that the 1520 phone line for lodging complaints is in operation.

Papathanasis stressed that the measures to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus are dynamic, while adding that there will not be a repetition of a general lockdown but measures taken locally wherever this is needed. "We do not want to put the brakes on anywhere in our economy," he added.

The Minister also noted during an interview with ANT1 television that the decision to ban ‘panigyria’ celebrations held by village communities to celebrate the feast days of local patron saints, may be extended until the end of August.

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