Panathinaikos BC offer fans 40% discount on season tickets

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Panathinaikos Basketball Club are offering fans a 40% discount on season tickets.

Takis Triantopoulos, manager of Panathinaikos Basketball Club, stated that he intends to issue season tickets, to give the world an opportunity to support the club. His comments were made a few days ago at a press conference.

Panathinaikos has become the first team to announce and sell season tickets ahead of the next season.

Details of what is mentioned in the announcement:

PANATHINAIKOS BC informs its fans that from today, Friday 17/7/2020, the period of renewals of season tickets for the 2020-2021 season for last year's holders begins.

In the midst of the unprecedented moments we are living in, the next season is still covered by uncertainty regarding the issue of spectators attending the games. But, listening to the unprecedented request of all of you - which for another year proves in the most emphatic way the love, faith and devotion of our fans to the team - to strengthen this year's effort, despite the strong possibility of holding sports matches without spectators or with a limited presence of spectators, we decided to proceed with the issuance of season tickets.

For this reason, for the 2020-2021 season, season ticket prices will be reduced by up to 40% compared to last season. This reduction applies both to the renewal of season tickets of the old holders and to the issuance of season tickets of the new holders.

The renewal period by the holders of season tickets of the previous season will last until 03/08/20. All remaining seats will then be vacated and made available to new holders.

We all wish that this unprecedented situation we are experiencing passes soon and that we are all on the side of our favourite team without restrictions.


Given the various scenarios regarding the health protocols for conducting sports matches, the following will apply:

The purchase of a season ticket does not guarantee the live monitoring of the home games of our team, as it will depend on the current health protocols of the competent bodies.

In the event of matches without the presence of fans, the holder of the season ticket has no right to withdraw and / or return all or part of the price of the season ticket and / or compensation of any other form.

In the event of matches with a limited attendance of spectators, the holders of season tickets of each window will be entitled to secure their place in the same window through the check-in process provided through the VIVA website. The available seats in each section will be determined by the current health protocols for holding sports matches and, for this reason, strict order of priority will be observed.

Holders of season tickets for each match, who will not be able to secure their place in the same window for a match in time, will be entitled to secure a seat in another window for the same match through the above VIVA system, as a matter of priority and according to the availability of the section, paying the additional amount that will correspond to the upgrade of their position, according to the current price list of PANATHINAIKOS BC.

The possibility of upgrading a seat will not be available for family packages, for which only the procedure of the above paragraph will apply, ie securing the seats only in the same section.

The holder of the season ticket has no right to withdraw and / or return all or part of the price of the season ticket and / or compensation of any other form for those matches he fails to secure his place through the above system.



Panathinaikos BC considers the family a key pillar of Greek society.

Choose the place now for you and your family and take advantage of the extended family discount packages.

Special family discounts apply for season tickets in area 120 & 122

Necessary supporting document: Photocopy of certificate of marital status.

* The discount is valid for every child-teenager up to 17 years old.


1. STUDENTS: Students from 18 to 26 years old can obtain their student student tickets by presenting a photocopy of the valid student ID or their certificate of studies and identity.

2. UNEMPLOYED: The unemployed can obtain their season tickets by presenting a photocopy of the current unemployment certificate.

3. Disabled (with or without a wheelchair): Disabled people can obtain their season tickets by presenting a photocopy of the certificate of KEPA.

* For the purchase of special discount season tickets, for which the above documents are required (family, students, unemployed & disabled) you should call 214 402 2541.


-Offices of Panathinaikos BC: 2 Eukalypton & 43 Pentelis, Maroussi, 15126 | 214 402 2541

-Electronically at &

-By phone at the VIVA line at 11876 (Charge from landline: € 0.96 / minute and from mobile: € 1.09 / minute)

PANATHINAIKOS BC reminds you that for the purchase of a season ticket it is necessary to state your social security registration number (AMKA).


PANATHINAIKOS BC offers the possibility of a unique experience with VIP seats next to the benches of both teams. For relevant information contact the phones: 214 402 2541, Monday to Friday, 10:00-18:00.