General Floros: The Greek Armed Forces are ready for any provocation from Turkey

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"Due to the intensified challenges Greece has been experiencing from Turkey lately, the Greek Armed Forces are on standby," said Chief of General Staff General Konstantinos Floros in an interview with Israeli television news station i24news, on the occasion of his recent visit to the country.

The Greek Armed Forces are "on alert, at the highest possible level and are ready and able to meet the requirements determined by the sense of duty that governs all personnel of the Armed Forces, in order to ensure its territorial integrity and national independence of our homeland," said Floros.

"We live and experience the challenges both in the Aegean and in the wider region by a destabilizing factor, which now threatens not only Greece, but the status quo that has been formed for many years in the region of the southeastern Mediterranean. This is something that the Greek Armed Forces, if our sovereign rights are threatened, are going to respond with. The red lines are given and have been defined by the political leadership and the military leadership of Greece," Floros continued.

"It is a given that the Greek Armed Forces are at a high level of readiness on a daily basis and act and react where required. We therefore send a strong message of deterrence and power to anyone who challenges our sovereignty and we are ready to defend our rights against anyone who creates instability in the region and threatens our sovereignty and national rights. The Eastern Mediterranean is an area in which the states that make up the regional security system should work together in a state of peace and security and promote the well-being of their citizens. We do not exclude anyone, the synergies are for the common good and not for the exclusion of anyone," he concluded.