Greek Navy personnel doxxed by Iranian hackers

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The Greek Navy was hacked by Iranians, IBM security researchers have recently uncovered in videos leaked online. The videos show the hackers using techniques to breach the accounts and systems of potential victims.

In the leaked videos, top Iranian hackers analyse the attacks they carried out which violate the accounts of people from various specialties and from various countries.

The accounts that were violated by Iranian government hackers include members of the Greek Navy, SecNews reported.

More generally, in the attacks carried out by Iranian hackers, email accounts were the primary target, with social media accounts also being severely compromised.

Researchers said that Iranian hackers follow a meticulous and well-thought-out process, with operators having access to every account of a targeted victim, no matter how important his or her online profile was.

They gained access into victims music, video streaming, credit reporting, bank accounts, video games and mobile phone companies.

Iranian hackers entered the settings section of each targeted account and searched for personal information that may not be included in other online accounts, in an effort to create the most comprehensive and representative profile possible for each target. IBM does not, however, provide further details on how the hackers obtained the credentials for each victim. Therefore, it is not clear whether they infected the targets with malware or whether they bought their credentials from an "underground" market.

In some of the leaked videos, Iranian hackers analyse techniques they have used to steal data from their targets. This includes exporting all target account contacts, photos and documents from relevant cloud storage services such as Google Drive.

The Iranian hackers who appear to be hiding behind these videos are members of the "ITG18" group , more commonly known as Charming Kitten, Phosphorous or APT35 . The group has targeted, among others, US military regulators and US nuclear scientists. This is due to the fact that these sectors have attracted the interest of Iran, due to the growing military tensions between the two countries, the economic sanctions imposed on Iran, as well as Iran's nuclear program.

It is unclear at this time the number of Navy targets (there are insufficient reports) whose data were brought under the control of Iranian hackers.

The news that members of the Greek Navy were among the targets, has caused a great deal of concern to the Greek Armed Forces.

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