Australia: Hierarchical Vespers in English in honour of St Marina

Hierarchical Vespers in English in honour of St Marina

Hierarchical Vespers in English in honour of St Marina

His Eminence Archbishop Makarios presided over the first ever English Hierarchical Vespers Service in the nation on Thursday evening, in honour of St Marina on the eve of her Feast Day.

Sydney’s Greek Orthodox Parish of St Spyridon was the venue for this historic milestone for Orthodoxy in Australia.

Accompanied by a number of Reverend Clergy and Deacons who participated in the unforgettable service, and with scores of youth in the congregation, His Eminence used the opportunity of the feast-day of the brave fifteen-year-old Great Martyr Marina, who is the Patron Saint of the NSW Central Youth Committee, to reach out to the young people by conducting an all-English service.

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With the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Makarios, the chanter of the Cathedral of the Annunciation of our Lady, Mr Asterios Zouriakas, composed the service in English and in Byzantine music. He was surrounded by young chanters, both male and female, who relished the occasion to honour St Marina in the language that they know best and which resounds in their hearts.

Hierarchical Vespers in English in honour of St Marina

Parish President of St Spyridon, Dr Thomas Savoulis, welcomed His Eminence, who in his sermon spoke about the faith of St Marina the Great Martyr as a model for a Christian life.

“What an example the fearless love of this young saint is for us, today,” exclaimed His Eminence and pointed out that, “The love that she harboured in her heart for Christ was so strong and resolute that it conquered the fright of the most dreadful and horrific tortures that she endured. It gave her wings to soar to the heavens and to boldly face even attacks from demons.”

He emphasised that, “We are also called to love Christ and the Church in the same fearless manner and to conquer the obstacles and difficulties that come our way.” His Eminence paternally advised the young people to love Christ with all their hearts and “be united with each other and ready to sacrifice yourselves for your neighbour. Only in this way, can we move forward as individuals, as an Archdiocese, as a community, and as a Church.”

Hierarchical Vespers in English in honour of St Marina

The number of faithful attending the parish was restricted due to the regulations for the Coronavirus pandemic, however, the service was live-streamed and watched by thousands of faithful around the country.

Further similar initiatives will take place around Australia as a commitment of the Holy Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia’s to both young people and in bringing Orthodoxy to the broader Australian community.