Damning new evidence on the 2018 Mati fire points to a cover-up

Court documents regarding the deadly July 23, 2018, wildfires in Eastern Attica brought to light by Kathimerini, points to a “cover-up with huge moral, political and penal implications,” government spokesperson Stelios Petsas said in a statement on Sunday.

Based on the evidence, Petsas said, the leadership of the fire brigade at that time, citing orders from above and the instructions from the political leadership, appeared to be acting in an organised manner not to shed light on the tragic evidence regarding the disaster but instead to cover up the crime and protect the SYRIZA officials involved.

He said that there were records of threats using vulgar expressions against fire brigade investigators, an attempt to conceal crucial evidence, while prosecuting authorities were treated with scorn by those responsible, in a manner indicating a ruthless deep state mechanism.

“All this, nearly two years after the lethal fire at Mati, provokes horror and rage in all Greeks as they complete the picture of the unacceptable manner in which the Tsipras government handled the case. Two years after the tragedy, we have still not learned the whole truth. Now it appears that blatant attempts at a cover-up by the SYRIZA government, which kept a lot of crucial evidence hidden, contributed to this,” Petsas continued.

He clearly stated that the then minister Olga Gerovasili and the former fire brigade leadership owe an explanation.

Meanwhile on Sunday, the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou attended the memorial service held for the souls of the 102 victims, at the Holy Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, in Mati.

The wildfires that devastated the seaside town on July 23, 2018, left the entire Greek nation and the world in a state of shock.

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  1. Clearly from your brilliant report, then minister Olga Gerovasili and the former fire brigade leadership MUST be dragged into court and ordered to speak or face jail time and a loss of all benefits, all pensions…if not worse. If people died because of them, murder charges must be brought. And include Tsipras as well.