First Greek electric scooter to launch in 2021

First Greek electric scooter to launch in 2021

First Greek electric scooter to launch in 2021

Four Greeks created Give in 2016 and appear determined to sell the first Greek-made "smart" electric scooter in 2021.

It is called 'i.lektra' and it's now in its final stages.

The company was set up by Ilias Nasiopoulos, Lefteris Kozas, Asteris Apostolidis and Sevastianos Mail when Nasiopoulos returned from England four years ago, after working for eight years as a senior mechanic on the Force India Formula 1 team at Prodrive and the Nissan Research and Development Centre in Europe, to devote himself to his vision.

Nasiopoulos told ANA that: "Give was set up with electromobility as the vision and the goal of innovating in the area of urban mobility. We started out, however, with services to third parties to generate capital that we could then invest in our own vision."

The idea for a scooter dates back to the foundation of the company, alongside more ambitious plans for vehicle production, and its design started in 2017. "We now have the prototypes ready, we are testing at the Demokritos park and the goal now is to start the certification process and then go to an assembly line. It is a difficult stage, financially, but we are optimistic," Nasiopoulos said.

The company plans to start small, with about 200-300 units in the first year and then rise to 1000 in the following years.

The Greek electric scooter will hit the roads in the summer of 2021 will be an environmentally-friendly electric motorbike with a top speed of 85 km/ hour and a range of 180 km with one charge, provided by three detachable batteries.

It will also have an 8-inch digital-screen dashboard and navigator.

It must be highlighted that it will be one of the first vehicles worldwide that can be activated by a mobile phone, which will also double as an alarm in cases of attempted theft.