KINAL Leader Gennimata: What Turkey understands is sanctions, not statements

Fofi Gennimata KINAL

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“Europeans must take their responsibilities,” stressed the head of the Movement for Change political party (KINAL).

“I believe that political forces must decide on the same table a national line. At the moment there is no national line in Greece. And the fact that government officials are saying different things confirms that there is no single strategy. Nobody knows what the red lines of Greece are,” said Fofi Gennimata, speaking yesterday morning on SKAI TV‘s “Kalimera” show.

The president of KINAL attributed responsibilities to Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for the fact that he refuses to convene the Council of Political Leaders and to secure a tight front at home and solidarity in the country.

“It simply came to our notice then. I want to be clear. The same happened with [SYRIZA leader Alexis] Tsipras. He did not want dialogue and consultation with the political forces in order to have his hands free,” Gennimata added, while arguing that it is unacceptable to have a dialogue with Turkey in secret.

“It is clear that Turkey has escaped the challenges, it has proceeded with illegal actions, with aggressive acts against us. Turkey has a clear review strategy, violates international law and wants to talk to everyone as a strong regional power on its own terms. What Turkey understands is not statements, but sanctions. Europeans must assume their responsibilities,” she said.

Gennimata also sharply commented on revelations made that the tragedy in 2018 fire tragedy in Mati had a major cover up from the then ruling SYRIZA government.

She stressed that the worst of it all was that “while the government was aware of this, they set up a communication show to cover these responsibilities. Beyond the headlines, the justice who has taken over the case must investigate the case in depth and everything must come to light.”

She made it clear that KINAL does not keep equal distances from the government and SYRIZA.

“We keep the distances we need each time. In one case we have a government, the Right, our political and ideological opponent. We are a tough but well-founded opposition. And the reality is that we are in real opposition right now. The official opposition [SYRIZA] is on its knees, it is discredited and it does not have the political and moral stature to exercise its institutional role. And this suits Mr. Mitsotakis, keeping Mr. Tsipras out of the frame of political responsibilities.”

He claimed that “we are something different from both. We are the Progressive Party, the continuation of the Democratic Party and PASOK. We are the counterweight to the conservative policies implemented by the government to deal with the pandemic, but also to the conservative logics of SYRIZA and its unbridled populism.”