Busy KTEL buses in line for an upgrade

*Image credit: Eurokinissi

Greece's KTEL bus services are about to undergo a digital transformation, which will include the introduction of electronic tickets, telematic systems, wireless internet inside buses and “smart” stops.

KTEL is the main intercity public transport bus service in Greece.

Seventy-four service providers have already entered the state-sponsored program, which has a total budget of €24.25 million, including €14.51 million in subsidies.

Among the new features being introduced is an integrated system for issuing and managing tickets, as well as allowing payments by cash or card.

Service planning software will also be installed to take into account passenger traffic and vehicle response at peak times.

An integrated centre for all national road transport will be created to supply statistics on punctuality, route design and passenger requirements. Information will be relayed to passengers with upgraded online timetables and digital maps of routes and stops.

In densely populated parts of the country, KTEL will introduce “smart” stops which will provide real-time information, making access to travelling information easier than ever before.