Former Greek DM posts icon of patron saint of the Hellenic Navy as tensions mount with Turkey

Former Greek DM

Former Greek DM

Former Greek Defence Minister Panagiotis "Panos" Kammenos posted an icon of Saint Nicholas with no caption or text on Twitter yesterday.

However Aris Roussinos, an award-winning journalist who formerly worked for VICE, had a keen eye and highlighted the significance of Kammenon posting an icon of Saint Nicholas.

"Greece’s former defence minister under the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition posts an icon of St Nicholas, patron saint of the Hellenic Navy, as tensions mount in the Aegean," he said on Twitter.

Turkish resource surveys to the south and east of the Greek island of Aegean ​​were to commence yesterday and will occur until August 2, Attaleia (Ἀττάλεια, Turkish: Antalya) NAVTEX hydrographic service in Turkey announced.

It has been declared by Ankara that the research ship ‘Oruc Reis’ would sail in the area and for this reason the Greek armed forces have been put on high alert throughout the territory.

According to German media, German Chancellor Angela Merkel intervened and has for now diffused the situation with the 'Oruc Reis' remaining in port.

This was due to Greece's strong response and preparedness for conflict with Turkey if it chose to violate Greek maritime space. The navy was put on high alert.

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Greece and the protector of sailors and seamen, hence why he is also the patron saint of the Greek Navy.

The message by Kammenos was loud and clear for those who could decipher it. It is likely Kammenos had the Greek navy in his prayers and for Saint Nicholas to protect all navy personnel during this period of high hostilities created by Turkish aggression.

Concern is heightened by the fact that Ankara appear to be pursuing polarisation options on all fronts in the Eastern Mediterranean. In Libya, it seems that Egypt is determined to intervene in the event that Turkish-backed forces attempt to occupy the city of Sirte or strike al-Jufra. Turkey continues to occupy large areas of northern Syria and Cyprus, and continues its aggression against Greece.