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Special delivery: Captain Yiannis Sigalas delivers baby on ferry

By Gct

While en route to Piraeus from the island of Kalymnos, Captain Yiannis Sigalas delivered a healthy baby girl on board passenger ferry ‘Blue Star Chios’.

The woman who boarded the passenger ferry on Monday night at Kalymnos, was not due for another couple of days. However, she went into labor a few hours into the journey.

As there were no doctors on the ferry, Captain Yiannis Sigalas assumed the role, helping the woman deliver her baby.

“Bringing a baby to life is the ultimate joy, the ultimate happiness. No emotion is described. It is the culmination of life. When the child came out and I held her in my arms, it was one of the happiest moments of my life,” Captain Yiannis Sigalas told Protothema.

The woman and her baby girl, both in good health, disembarked at Syros and were admitted to the island’s hospital as a precaution.

“Her mother asked me to become her godfather and baptise her. It is her first child. I wish her all the best in her life,” the captain concluded.


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