Call to action by the World Hellenic Diaspora- Stop Turkey's aggression against Greece & Cyprus

Turkey's aggression against Greece & Cyprus

Turkey's aggression against Greece & Cyprus

The World Hellenic Diaspora has launched an online petition to protest Turkey’s activities in the Eastern Mediterranean and its infringement on Greek and Cypriot sovereignty.

“Turkey’s recent actions have not only infringed upon Greece’s territorial integrity but also have hurt our national, religious, and cultural sentiments. These aggressive behaviours have brought Greece to the brink of a dangerous military conflict which may precipitate at any moment,” the petition reads.

“Turkey’s internal political gamesmanship and the thirst to remain in power is forcing conflicts with its neighbouring countries like Greece, Cyprus, Iraq, Syria, Israel, Egypt, and Libya. When will this end?" it continued.

Greece, the World Hellenic Diaspora notes, is bullied by neighbouring Turkey who is violating international treaties and is threatening regional stability by:

  1. Threatening war and occupation of up to 50 Aegean islands if not allowed to drill for natural gas in Greek waters
  2. Occupying illegally by military force the Northern part of Cyprus for 46 years
  3. Converting Hagia Sophia, the symbol of Christianity, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site into a mosque!
  4. Fostering illegal immigrant flow into Greece and Europe
  5. Supporting extremist Islamist movements in Greece and Europe
  6. Trespassing Greek aerospace daily and causing multiple costly military plane dogfights

The petition will be sent to US President Donald Trump, the President of the European Council Charles Michel, the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, the Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg and all the Presidents or Prime Ministers of the European Union.

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