Covid-19 impact: Hotels in Greece slash prices

Covid-19 impact: Hotels in Greece slash prices

Covid-19 impact: Hotels in Greece slash prices

As Greece suffers a coronavirus-induced drop in travel, hotels are slashing room rates of up to 40%.

A week-long stay at a hotel in Rhodes next month could cost you as little as €12 per person per night, while seven nights in Kos will be just €13 per person per night and a week's stay in Crete is €18 per person per night, the Mirror reported.

As of July 1, Greece opened to tourism following the relaxation of coronavirus-related restrictions.

Last week, the first direct flight from the UK landed at Ioannis Kapodistrias airport in Corfu.To celebrate, the plane was welcomed with a water arch.

It is recalled that Greece’s borders opened to British tourists on Wednesday (15th July).

The Greekgovernment 'won't hesitate' to close its borders again as the risk of the virus spreading throughout the country outweighs 'any benefits to tourism in a year that is considered largely lost'.

Greece's Tourism Minister Haris Theoharis last week stated that “So far we have done very well in restarting Greek tourism. But under no circumstances should we be complacent. The battle may have been won, but not the raging war."

In relation to the promotional actions of the tourism ministry, Theoharis said that “the next steps of the ministry concern the promotion of Greece through advertising and joint advertising. We initially innovated with the world-class pioneering campaign ‘Greece From Home’, we are moving forward with ‘Endless Greek Summer’ and ‘Destination Greece Health First’ but also with advertising companies, tour operators, etc. Our goal is for these promotions not to stop after the period of high demand, but to continue even in winter. Our strategic goal, after all, is to extend the tourist season – if health conditions allow. A success will be to follow a 12-month tourism model.”

On July 15, Hotel Grande Bretagne reopened with a set of new health and safety measures.