Fires rage across Greece



Greek authorities are concerned about the fact that 57 fires broke out in the country in just 24 hours.

Most fires were extinguished quickly.

Kechries, a village in the municipality of Corinth

The situation in Corinth remains extremely critical, where an uncontrolled fire is still raging.

The wildfire is heading towards the areas of Galataki and Athikia, Corinth Mayor Vassilis Nanopoulos told ANA-MPA.

The fire brigade evacuated five settlements as a precaution.

Besides the blaze's active front there are several scattered pockets of fire, all being fought by some 143 firefighters, 42 fire engines and 4 ground teams; 6 water-dropping aircraft and 8 helicopters.


A blaze burning in Thermi mountains on western Lesvos island since Tuesday has been contained within a specific area, a Fire Brigade official for the North Aegean said on Wednesday.

The fire broke out near the Monastery of Agios Rafail and burned hundreds of stremmas of pine and olive trees.

The Fire Brigade's Regional director, Constantine Theofilopoulos, said the fire was difficult due to winds and in a partly inaccessible area, and must be under observation for several days.

Fire near Ancient Olympia

Another blaze started on Wednesday afternoon in a forested area in the Lasionos region of Ancient Olympia, in the Peloponnese.

Thirty-four fire fighters, 14 fire engines and a team of fire-fighters on foot, assisted by local authority water tankers, two fire-fighting airplanes and one helicopter, extinguished the fire.

Petalidi, Messinia

The situation with the fire in Petalidi, the southwestern region of Messinia, "looks better", the Fire Brigade said.

Authorities evacuated the settlement of Mathia earlier in the day for precautionary reasons.

Fifty-one firefighters with 17 fire trucks, 2 ground units, 5 airplanes and 3 helicopters battled the fire.

Rethymno, Crete

The wildfire that broke out on Wednesday afternoon in Crete is still only partially contained, according to authorities.

It started in a plot between two hotels in the municipality of Agios Vassileios of Rethymno.

Some 30 firefighters with 14 fire engines and one helicopter managed to contain the blaze, assisted by municipal water cannons and Red Cross volunteers.

According to the Fire Service, a very high fire risk is forecast for tomorrow, Thursday, in Attica, Viotia, Evia, Corinth, Argolida, Laconia, Kythira, Lesvos, Chios, Samos and Ikaria.