Greek military remain on high alert and are observing Turkish maneuvers

Greek military remain on high alert and are observing Turkish maneuvers

Greek military remain on high alert and are observing Turkish maneuvers

The Greek Armed Forces are on high alert on land, sea and air, and are closely monitoring Turkish movements.

They have been on alert since Tuesday noon following Turkey's decision to illegal violate Greece's maritime space near the island of Kastellorizo. Immediately the Ministry of National Defence ordered the Armed Forces to be put on general alert and in a very short period of time, 85% of the Greek fleet was near Kastellorizo from where it monitors the movements of the Turks. At the same time, the Turkish drilling rig 'Oruç Reis' is off the coast of the Turkish city of Antalya, accompanied by Turkish frigates.

However, apart from the Greek Armed Forces that are in the Aegean and closely monitor the movements of the Turks, the Armed Forces in Evros have also been put on a "red alert." Residents and the military are watching, according to Panagiotis Manis' report for OPEN TV, Turkish movements and the army have been put on full alert, ready to respond to any action of the neighbuoring country.

"The Armed Forces, always, in any crisis were and are ready to fulfill their mission. This is how it is done even now, they are quietly ready," said retired lieutenant general, Pavlos Stefanidis, on OPEN TV.

All members of the Armed Forces are inside their camps, ready to go to the dispersal areas in the event of such an order.

"As soon as we heard about the Turkish NAVTEX, it signaled an alarm to the army and we, the citizens, are on alert," a local leader of the Ferron Community, Athanasios Pemousis, told the Open Channel.

Reserve officers throughout Thrace are on standby.

"Certainly, they are watching their movements and that is why there is a hot summer," said the president of the reserve officers of Komotini, Thanasis Tsardaklis, adding that: "Here in Thrace we as a liaison and all the reserves are closely following the events."

The National Guard across the border have been alerted and are still on alert, according to an Open Channel report.

"We continue to be on alert, as we have been for so many months and we do not relax," said the treasurer of the Fishermen's Association of Ainisi Delta.