Greek minority of Northern Epirus continually harassed by Albanian nationalists

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Bilingual signs in the area of ​​the National Greek Minority in Northern Epirus (southern Albania) were targeted by Albanian nationalists once again.

This time it was signs located along the national road Dervitsani (Δερβιτσάνη, Albanian: Derviçan)-Kakavia (Κακαβιά, Albanian: Kakavijë) in the minority Municipality of Dropolis (Δρόπολης, Albanian: Dropulli) where the Albanians erased Greek writing in the villages, reported.

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Lately, the area of ​​the National Greek Minority has been receiving a barrage of such cowardly attacks, with the perpetrators doing their provocations during the night, wiping out the Greek language from road signs.

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The residents are obviously annoyed for the umpteenth time since the Albanian authorities are non-existent and unable to protect the rights of the Greeks of southern Albania.

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Racist attacks against the Greek minority in Albania continue to occur unabated and with little interest from the police and the central government.

Evangelos Doules (Ευάγγελος Δούλες) who is also known by his Albanian name Vangjel Dule, revealed the racist actions against the Greeks of Northern Epirus in southern Albania, on social media, as reported by Greek City Times earlier this month.

He posted on Twitter that “for days now, most of the bilingual signs, placed by the road authority along the national road that runs through the municipality of Finiki [Φοινίκη, Albanian: Finiq], have erased the names in Greek, the mother tongue of members of the Greek ethnic minority. This phenomenon does not occur for the first time.”

The chairman of the Unity for Human Rights Party that represents the Greek minority in the Albanian parliament continued to explain on Twitter that “It constitutes a criminal offense. 2. It violates the spirit and the letter of domestic law and international conventions on the rights of minorities, 3. It proves and incites ethnic hatred.”

He then said “Our call is for a genuinely European political spectrum, a healthy public opinion and the media to work together to put an end to such phenomena, the perpetrators and their instigators,” before adding photos of bilingual signs that had Greek erased.