Coronavirus Update: 27 new cases, 8 of them are incoming tourists



Greece reported 27 new coronavirus cases in the latest 24-hour reporting period, of which 8 are from incoming travellers.

In more detail:

  • 4 were identified after checks at the country’s entrance gates
  • 4 other important cases (who voluntarily got tested)
  • 7 cases in Attica
  • 1 case in Thessaloniki
  • 3 cases in Achaia
  • 2 cases in Boeotia
  • 2 cases in Zakynthos
  • 1 case in Kavala
  • 1 cases in Kozani
  • 1 case in Lefkada
  • 1 case in Pieria

This raises the total number of cases to 4,193.

1174 (28%) are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 2101 (50.1%) are related to an already known case.

Meanwhile, 9 patients are in ICU. Their average age is 58 years. 77.8% have an underlying disease or are over 70 years old.

The country’s pandemic death toll remains at 202.

It is recalled, Professor of Infectious Diseases, Nikos Sypsas, said:“Next summer in Greece we will have some vaccines, initially for vulnerable groups. We must learn to live with the virus. In order for the virus to stop in Greece, at least 70% of the population must be vaccinated."