Let the coffee come to you with Australia’s first online coffee marketplace & subscription

Barker St.,

Barker St.,

Coffee beans from Australia's best roasters delivered to your doorstep. What a great idea!

Thanks to Barker St.., an online coffee marketplace & subscription service, Australians are now able to purchase speciality coffee and send it direct to their doorstep!

The masterminds behind Barker St. are The Arvanitopoulos. The husband-and-wife duo are leading a coffee revolution from their living room.

"The decision to create Barker St came from frustration when searching online to purchase coffee. I found myself jumping from website to website just to compare the latest coffee available. It was an annoying and long process for something that should only take a few minutes, therefore I thought there must be an easier way of doing this. After undertaking some research I could not find anything that brought together Australia’s finest roasters all on the one website, therefore I seized the opportunity to create just that," Costa said.

Barker St.,

He grew up in a family where good quality coffee was never in short supply and was always bought weekly from the local deli to ensure its quality and freshness. Coffee was and is at the centre of all social gatherings with family and friends.

Barker St. eliminates the search for quality coffee by bringing it all onto one site, with a guarantee that every bag of coffee has been carefully selected to ensure it is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, and of the highest quality.

The name 'Barker St.' Costa notes has a long association with his family in business. "My father established and operated a successful service station and mechanic workshop on Barker St, Randwick in the 1980s and 1990s which I associate many years of sacrifice and hard work from the family to build this business and provide the opportunities it has given our family. I therefore wanted to bring a part of our family history into the next generation of business," he added. 

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The ease of access to superior coffee is something that only Barker St. brings to the table, allowing its customers to browse and shop coffees from dozens of different roasters or choosing to subscribe to a customised subscription, where coffee is sent to the customer each month based on what they enjoy in a coffee, the only customisable subscription in Australia.

Barker St.,

"Without going into coffee nerd mode, coffee flavours can be easily put into four groups, Chocolates/Caramels, sour, sweet and fruity. When searching for coffee on our marketplace we also group our coffee into these four groups to make it as easy as possible for anyone to find the right coffee. The most popular group by far is the chocolate/caramels and sweet takes our second spot," Costa continued.

All coffee is fresh and roasted to order, and shipped internationally from locations as diverse as England, Denmark, and Australia of course.

Investing in good coffee is more lucrative than ever. Check out Barker St. and treat yourself to a coffee parcel delivered fast and straight to your door.