Erdoğan turns a deaf ear on European leaders and is out of control



No matter what German Chancellor Angela Merkel tells Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, or what Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin say to him, there is no one who can control him, Ethnos reported.

After French President Emmanuel Macron posted a message in Greek on Facebook in support of Greece and Cyprus and Merkel's phone call to Erdoğan, where she told him that the "Greeks are not joking," it seems that Turkish provocations will not go unanswered by European leaders.

According to OPEN TV's Berlin correspondent, Pantelis Valassopoulos:

The information available from the German Foreign Ministry is that at the moment Ankara is "a truck downhill without brakes." That is, no one can control Erdoğan. Everyone fears that the Turkish President is currently out of control.

Germany has recently said that any Turkish drilling in Greek maritime space and in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus, is illegal and will have consequences.

"As for Erdoğan's response, we will see it in the coming days after he has received many messages from both Germany and Russia, as well as the United States," Valassopoulos said.

At a time when European leaders are finally standing in solidarity with Greece, the U.S. side is keeping silent. According to the correspondent of Open TV and Ethnos, Michalis Ignatiou, "it is a very dangerous development, especially with the fact that the world players are gathering in the Eastern Mediterranean. It's important that we see Israel and France waking up."

"Analysts attach great importance to Israel as the country returns to the Mediterranean after the formation of a unity government. In fact, we were very impressed by a Bloomberg article, which refers to the further deterioration of relations with today's Turkey. Things are bad between Ankara and Jerusalem. However, the major thing is Israel's interest in the Mediterranean. The aim is to support the alliances with Greece and Cyprus that have been strengthened in recent decades. This is in line with the interests of Egypt and France, which together with the Emirates are concerned about Turkey's actions in the Mediterranean," Ignatiou continued.

"If we study the map of our neighbourhood we can easily understand that Turkey is alone against everyone. But because its opponents are not doing anything right now, the neighbouring country dominates. In my opinion, we will have great developments in the Mediterranean. Russia has a presence in the Mediterranean and I understand that it will increase its presence with warships. At the same time, America is demonstrating with the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, but in general its presence is 'problematic'," he said.

When commenting on U.S. President Donald Trump, Ignatiou said "Unfortunately, he remains a fan of Islamic Turkey and Erdoğan."