Cypriot President says he will not accept blackmail tactics from Turkey

Nicos Anastasiadis

Nicos Anastasiadis

The violation of sovereign rights within the Exclusive Economic Zone and the territorial waters of the Republic of Cyprus, as well as threats against Greece and most of its neighbours in the Eastern Mediterranean, the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiadis, pointed out that these are actions which, contrary to international law, inadvertently intensify the climate in the wider region while undermining stability, peace and security.

Anastasiadis addressed the opening ceremony of the World Congress of Cypriots Abroad, which for the first time was not held in person, but via video conference this year.

"As I have repeatedly said, the only way to stop and avoid new tensions is to finally take a decisive stance which, through appropriate measures, will come at a cost, while clarifying that it is not possible for Turkey to continue to act undisturbed in the area," he stressed.

Anastasiadis also referred to his conversation with French President Emanuel Macron and their joint view that "it would be a major mistake for the European Union to leave security in the Eastern Mediterranean in the hands of other actors, while those violating maritime zones must face sanctions."

"What I want to assure you from our side, is that our struggle concerns, as we have proven many times, the peaceful resolution of the Cyprus issue. A struggle that is legitimised on the basis of United Nations resolutions and Security Council resolutions and is in line with the principles and values ​​of the European Union of which Cyprus is a member," he added.

"Our main concern", continued the Cypriot President according to APE-MPE, "is to achieve a solution that will create an independent and sovereign state, free from any anachronistic guarantees, the presence of occupying troops, but also the military presence of third countries. A solution that will ensure and safeguard human rights by allowing all legitimate citizens of Cyprus, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, to coexist and co-create in conditions of prosperity, development, security and peace."

"These are exactly the conditions that arise through the proposals that we have always put on the negotiating table, respecting the sensitivities of our Turkish Cypriot compatriots and advancing the necessary safeguards for the Greek Cypriots. Given our sincere intention and position, what is expected is that the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot sides finally show the same political determination and constructive attitude as we do, without setting any conditions," the Cypriot President said.

He also emphasised that Turkey must respect the sovereign rights of Cyprus and to end provocative actions such violating the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone and threatening to inhabit areas of occupied Famagusta.

"I want to make it clear that in none of the cases will I accept blackmail tactics and any threatening negotiations on the Cyprus issue," added Anastasiadis.