Illegal immigrant arrested for murder on Greek island



An 18-year-old Afghan man who took part in the murder of a 21-year-old compatriot on Sunday night, was arrested by authorities after he was located hiding inside a residence in the town of Moria on Lesvos island.

The police are now looking for the third perpetrator of the murder, who is still unknown.

The 18-year-old illegal immigrant had been identified for his participation along with two other Afghans in the attack against the 21-year-old. The victim was pronounced dead from multiple stab wounds.

Police sources told Ethnos, the other perpetrator is a 19-year-old Afghan.

The two young men who live in the Moria migrant camp have been taken to the Mytilene Prosecutor 's Office with the case against them for homicide and violation of weapon laws. The same charges are applied to the third perpetrator.

The motive behind the murder remains unclear, but is believed to be over a personal dispute.

This is not the first time such incidents have occurred in the camp.

Last May, a 21-year-old Afghan was seriously injured in a knife attack. It was preceded by the murder of a 23-year-old Afghan woman, again by a knife, by a fellow countrywoman.

The 21-year-old victim is the seventh dead since the beginning of the year in clashes between asylum seekers in Moria, while there are many cases of injuries.

The Moria migrant camp has become a hotbed for criminality. Lesvos, an island close to the Turkish mainland, has been a hotspot for illegal immigrants with support from the Turkish government to enter Greece.

As a result from the inundation of illegal immigrants, the once peaceful island of Lesvos has seen an astronomical rise in murder, thievery and rape that was once an extremely rare occurrence.