Locals in Lesvos protest against NGO's and illegal immigrants

Locals in Lesvos
Locals in Lesvos
*Image Credit: itvpetra

Women in Lesvos protested against the NGO's and illegal immigrants that have significantly changed life on the island since 2015.

"We are here for our children and for our homes," said women who gathered on Monday afternoon at the Petra-Molyvos-Anaxos intersection to protest illegal immigration and its effects on the region.

The women of the area drafted a protest resolution in which they expressed their opposition to the existence of NGO's who profit off the flow of illegal migration into Greece at the expense of locals on the island, who suffer from astronomically increased criminality on the island.

"They took advantage of our humanity and tolerance," said a protester, remembering that the people of Lesvos were once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for their role in assisting illegal immigrants since 2015.

At the same time, it was stressed that this whole issue had a direct impact on the work of locals, which has been irreparably affected.

During the peaceful protest, mothers explained that their children are emigrating from the island because they say they no longer have a future in this place.

Many have seen their homes, farms and churches completely destroyed by the thousands of illegal immigrants roaming freely.

Although the illegal immigrants are at fault, many of the locals blame the actions of the NGOs, which exploit instead of helping.

The locals who protested, demanded the removal of the NGOs from the island and for the state to take over the management of the issue.

Lesvos has been the most affected island from the endless flows of illegal immigrants coming from Turkey.

Thousands of illegal immigrants remain on the island and the process of moving them to other European countries, has been slow.