Coronavirus cases hits 110 in Greece highest number in 3 months


Greece registered 110 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday, with 9 of the new cases confirmed during checks at the country’s air and land entry points, and 19 registered in the Attica region, 37 in the Thessaloniki region and 3 at the island of Corfu.

The new cases total includes the newly detected 24 Covid-19-positive employees of a meat-processing plant in Kavala, reported Saturday.

The number of all cases totals 4,587 (54.8 pct men), of which 1,280 are connected to travel abroad and 2,252 to already known cases, the National Public Health Organization said.

Ten individuals are intubated in hospitals, of whom two are women. Their median age is 58 years, while a 60 pct has an underlying health condition or are aged 70 or over; 128 patients have been discharged from ICUs since the start of the outbreak in Greece in January 2020.

With no new deaths since Friday, fatalities total 206 since the pandemic broke out in Greece, of whom 66 were women. The median age of all the deceased was 76 years, and a 96.1 pct had an underlying health issue or were aged 70 or over.

The new 110 new cases on Saturday have been detected as follows.

9 at the entry points in Greece.

3 more travellers voluntarily sought laboratories for Covid-19 test in the country after they developed some symptoms. They were tested positive.

The remaining new cases are spread across several regional units. These cases are:

37 in Thessaloniki – 10 of them are related to the wedding party in the city a week ago.

23 in Kavala – all are related to the meat procession factory in the city.

19 in Attica

6 in Magnisia – 5 of them are related to a bar in Volos

Each 3 cases on Corfu and in Halkidiki

2 in Pieria

Each one (1) is Corinth, in Larissa, in Pella, in Achaia and Viotia.

Media reported earlier today that the confirmed cases from the wedding party in Thessaloniki had increased to 21, Note that the official statement is based on data until 3:00 p.m. each day. It seems that patient zero was somebody who had traveled from Athens to the wedding.

Among the new cases is one player of the National Polo Team, and one pregnant woman from Veria. She was transferred to a hospital in Thessaloniki where she was expected to go in labor today.