By 2022, all landfills in Cyclades & Dodecanese will be closed

landfill santorini

landfill santorini

Santorini is emerging as a model island for recycling and a reference point for all of Greece, through the implementation of The Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation program in collaboration with the Municipality of Thira, said Environment & Energy Minister Kostis Hatzidakis during his visit to the island on Saturday.

He also announced that all 14 landfills at the islands of the south Aegean will be shut down by 2022.

With a waste-recycling program already being implemented in Santorini, "we want Santorini to be a model not only for the islands of the Cyclades and the southern Aegean, but also for all of Greece," he added.

He noted that the country must proceed without delays, without oscillations and "without fear for the political cost, but with passion for the rational solution of all serious issues related to waste management."

Finally, Hatzidakis said that "apart from wanting to be consistent in our obligations to the EU, we also want to support our tourism product and protect the environment."