Infectious diseases expert warns Greece is on 'red alert'



Greece is “one step before” a second wave of the pandemic, Professor Nikos Sipsas, an expert in infectious diseases, told Skai TV.

He stressed that citizens and visitors are "not allowed to relax, we are not allowed to think that the problem is over. It is like stepping on thin ice that can break at any moment."

The professor added that more stringent measures are on the "table", incase the outbreak continues to grow, including local lockdowns. "I do not even want to discuss them. It is not right in August to take measures that will have a very bad impact on the Greek economy," he noted.

Sipsas also referred to the importance of wearing a mask and practicing common-sense social distancing: "The measures must be observed. If we do not keep the distance we will have problems. If from today all Greeks try and keep their distances and wear masks, the rise of the pandemic will quickly reverse and we will have a very good August. It’s not too late."

Meanwhile, police carried out extensive patrols across tourist establishments on the islands of Paros, Mykonos and Santorini over the weekend.

In Paros,  six nightclubs were raided; police shut down one of those for 15 days due to overcrowding and fined its owner €3,000. Five arrests were also made for excessive noise.

In Mykonos, an Italian national was arrested for throwing an overcrowded house party, while some nine beach bars and seventeen bars and clubs were also inspected at the island's main town. Two beach bar owners were arrested for not having a license to install beach beds, and another six people were arrested for playing excessively loud music late in the night.

In Santorini, three people were arrested for violations related to excessive noise after seven bars and clubs were inspected.

It is recalled that last week it was announced that the Greek Ministry of Citizen Protection would be stepping up enforcement to make sure all businesses in Mykonos are complying with regulations put in place to help curb the spread of Covid-19.

Businesses are advised to adhere to the measures as inspections will be continuous and will be carried out 24 hours a day, in order to protect the health of citizens living on the island or tourists.

333 Covid-19 violations in Greece