Instagram influencer slammed for trying to score free food at a restaurant in Greece



An influencer was outed online after asking a restaurant in Greece for free food in exchange for social media promotion, Lifo reported.

Twitter user @UnBassador, whose family has a restaurant on an island, posted a screenshot of a message that the restaurant's Instagram occasionally receive from influencers.

The influencer request reads: 'I recently heard about your restaurant from a friend of mine  who mentioned you serve great Greek dishes and vegan options. Would love to come here with my friend in exchange for social media tagging. I've visited Greece quite a times and one thing I struggle to find is places with veggie and vegan options. Would love to speak about this to my audience. I'll be in Kos from the 18-21 July."

@UnBassador revealed that for the past three years, he (on behalf of the restaurant) has been responding with the following : "Thank you very much, however our restaurant has a policy. We charge every influencer who wants to eat here normally, however we offer food of equal value to people in need instead."

He emphasises though that with his response: "NO ONE has ever accepted to come under this condition. That is, to pay for his food even if I will then offer free food of the same value to people in need. Most of they time they don't even reply and some even delete their original message."

He concluded by saying: "Children. You are just making a fool out of yourselves by trying to create a fake cosmopolitan lifestyle based on begging."