Happy birthday to the late Antonis Vardis



Today, August 7, would have been famous Greek composer and singer Antonis Vardis' birthday.

He passed away in September 2014, after losing his battle with cancer. His children Giannis and Callisto, his wife and his brother, stood beside him until his last moment.

Vardis was born in 1948 in Moschato to a very poor family. At the age of six, he met some legendary Greek musicians including Vassilis Tsitsanis. Young Antonis Vardis

He did not attend school much, and skipped high school entirely, working various jobs to help the family. He never formally studied music, but taught himself everything he needed to know.

He was mostly famous for his songwriting skills and during his career he collaborated with some of the greatest singers in Greece, such as George Dalaras, Yiannis Parios, Dimitra Galani, Vasilis Papakonstantinou and Haris Alexiou.

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Vardis’ also collaborated with Antonis Remos to produce many popular songs, including  “So Suddenly” (Έτσι ξαφνικά) of 1998, lyrics by Gioula Georgiou:

“Two Lies” Δυο ψέματα of 2008 Lyrics by Vasilis Giannopoulos (caps):


1978 - Oramatizomai
1986 - Sygkatoikoi eimaste oli stin trela
1988 - Tragoudame mazi (Cooperation with Christina Maragozi)
1990 - Leuki isopalia
1993 - Koini gnomi
1995 - Stin Ellas tou 2000
1997 - Oikogeneiaki ypothesi
1999 - Xediplonontas tis skepseis mou
2000 - Ta kalytera mas hronia, einai tora
2002 - Hamogelase psyhi mou
2003 - Oti eho sto harizo
2010 - Stin akri tou oneirou

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