Greece announces stricter rules as Covid-19 cases spike



Deputy Minister for Civil Protection & Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias on Friday announced stricter emergency measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus after the recent surge of Covid-19 cases.

  • As of August 12, visitors coming from Malta are required to show proof of a Covid-19 negative molecular test (PCR) taken up to 72 hours prior to arriving in Greece.
  • Following a relevant recommendation of the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece, all processions are suspended indefinitely, as are all rural trade fairs.
  • The measure of banning standing customers in all nightclubs, bars, restaurants and live music venues, currently in effect, is extended until August 31.

Meanwhile, Greece reported 151 new coronavirus cases in the latest 24-hour reporting period, of which 12 are from incoming travellers.

It was the third day in a row where the daily cases were over 150.

It is recalled earlier this week, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed “We must reactivate our national vaccine, which is nothing more than our ‘philotimo’ and together we must follow the measures indicated by the experts and I am sure that if we do we will emerge victorious from this difficult battle as well."

On Thursday Greece’s Civil Protections Authority also imposed a series of restrictive measures on the island of Poros.

Geographical distribution of new cases:

  • 7 were identified after checks at the country’s entrance gates
  • 5 other important cases (who voluntarily got tested)
  • 38 cases in Thessaloniki
  • 46 cases in Attica
  • 17 cases Evros
  • 6 cases in Larissa
  • 4 cases in Pella
  • 3 cases in Magnisia
  • 3 cases in Corfu
  • 2 cases in Aitoloakarnania
  • 2 cases in Achaia
  • 2 cases in Heraklio (Crete)
  • 2 cases in Kefalonia
  • 2 cases in Rodopi
  • 2 cases in Florina
  • 1 case in Corinth
  • 1 case in Drama
  • 1 case in Imathia
  • 1 case in Kozani
  • 1 case in Lesvos
  • 1 case in Pieria
  • 1 case in Serres
  • 1 case in Trikala
  • 1 case in Fthiotida

This raises the total number of cases to 5,270.

1,379 are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 2,611 are related to an already known case.

Fourteen individuals are in ICU. Their median age is 70 years, while a 64.3% has an underlying health condition or are aged 70 or over.

The country’s pandemic death toll remains at 210.

The Greek Police on Friday released a data sheet of violations of coronavirus measures registered nationwide, following checks and inspections carried out so far in the month of August.

A total of 2,042 violations have been confirmed in Greece since August 1, with an equal number of 150-euro fines. In the same time, 57 shops were shut by the police across the country, with 12 of these shut down on Thursday alone.

Some 138 inspections were carried out at Greek islands: Milos (34), Santorini (5), Naxos (8), Kea (10), Paros (16), Mikonos (21), Andros (11), Tinos (16) and Syros (8). Seven violations concerning the wearing of face masks were confirmed: 4 at Kea, 1 at Paros and 2 at Milos.

A Briton was arrested at Ios island for throwing a party at a villa and a bar manager was arrested there on noise pollution charges. Two bars were shut down at Paros (fined 3,000 euros each) and one at Naxos (fined 10,000 euros), both due to overcrowding.

Meanwhile, Traffic Police carried out face mask checks on Friday in Attica, where 15 violations were confirmed (14 by bus passengers and one by a taxi driver) and an equal number of fines of 150 euros were issued.

A total of 13,736 inspections were carried out throughout the country on Thursday 6 August, confirming 298 violations for non-use of face masks and non-observance of social distancing, with an equal number of 150-euro fines issued, of which 108 in Attica.