Greek FM: Deal with Egypt is a great national success while Turkey is a troublemaker

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Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias has called the Greece-Egypt Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) deal signed in Cairo on Thursday, a "great national success."

"The agreement with Egypt is an advantageous national agreement, a great national success which responds to the efforts of Greek diplomacy for about 17 years. So it's a happy moment," he said in a Twitter thread.

"It is a fair deal and a legal deal. And this is the important thing: it is an agreement that clearly demonstrates to the international community how illegal, unrealistic, apart from International Law and the Law of the Sea, the Turkish-Libyan Memorandum was," Dendias continued to say in the Twitter thread.

He then urged Turkey to reach an agreement with Greece.

"We said the same thing to Turkey when we agreed with Italy, but you can see their angry reaction," he said, adding "I do not understand how a legitimate agreement, an agreement that contributes to stability and security in the region, an agreement that can be a model, can create such reactions in Turkey like the ones I saw."

The Greek Foreign minister then highlighted that Turkey's actions demonstrates that it is a "troublemaker."

"Turkey chooses the role of troublemaker and unfortunately proves it with careless actions such as the vocabulary and the announcements it issues against us and against Egypt after the agreement," Dendias said.

He then highlighted that although it was the government of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis that achieved this great deal with Egypt, it was the result of work done by many others, including proceeding governments.

"Yesterday's agreement is an agreement whose political responsibility and political responsibility lies with the Mitsotakis government, but we came to this after many years of efforts by many people, many ministers and governments," Greece's top diplomat added in the Tweet thread.

He concluded his Twitter thread by stating: "Greece has an obligation, every government, over time from its Constitution: To defend its sovereignty and sovereign rights and has no right to discount on it."