Why does the Athens Municipality and NGO’s help Islamist’s when they forget about the Greeks in Northern Epirus?

Why does the Athens Municipality and NGO's help Islamist's when they forget about the Greeks in Northern Epirus? 1

At the end of June, illegal immigrants took the floor to the Municipal Council of Athens and demanded that they be provided with housing, care, security and money.

They came uninvited to Greece and entered illegally to settle as regular invaders, expressing demands from the largest Municipality, that of the capital, as if it was owed to them.

At the end of July, we learn that the Municipality of Athens is planning to create a structure for the housing of immigrants  transported from the islands!

For this purpose, there is even an authorized municipal councilor for Support and Social Integration of Immigrants and Refugee.

All this, of course, would not have happened if it were not for the NGO parastate that has abolished the fundamental laws of a benevolent state.

I do not know if there is another example of racism and hatred towards your own race in another country!

When we Greeks of Northern Epirus (Southern Albania) came timidly to metropolitan Greece in 1990, we did not experience the sensitivity enjoyed by today’s immigrant invaders. There was no care for us from any Municipality or from any NGO.

Almost all of us who came to Greece at that time, “moved” from the summer of 1990 and for six months to Tirana, until we managed to get the coveted visa from the Greek Embassy there to come legally to the motherland.

The mother – homeland about which we secretly heard from our parents, we saw her with anxiety and longing on TV, we heard her on the radio and we cried for her. And all this at the risk of our safety and our lives, since we had the thugs of the Albanian state security  outside our windows day and night.

So we came to Greece 30 years ago and made our lives from scratch, working two or three jobs, without getting anything from the state, the Municipality, or from “organizations” like today’s NGOs, nor benefits and houses with all the amenities.

Of course we do not forget and warmly thank the individuals who welcomed us with open arms, for what they offered us from the back of their pockets and the surplus of their hearts, as well as the church that helped many of us in the beginning.

But it is by no means comparable to all this organized hypersensitivity that exists today for illegally entering Islamists, who carry babies with them, as necessary tools of emotional blackmail.

Once upon a time, the Greek state gave our elderly people a bonus of 350 euros to keep our villages alive so that we could go and see the houses where we were born and raised.

The Greek state talked about us sometimes but pretended not to understand the reality.

So these benefits were abolished and as if that were not enough, they do not recognize our right to receive a national pension because we have not completed 40 years of residence in Greece. The leaders of Athens “forgot” so easily that until 1990 the borders were hermetically sealed with electric barbed wire and they told us from the Albanian side “you will see Greece when you see your ear.”

Some professional anti-racists have a foothold in all the media and keep talking to us about “fighting racism and intolerance.”

The real racism and the real intolerance were and are being experienced by us Greeks of Northern Epirus on both sides of the border.

In Albania we have always been the “dirty Greeks”, something that is confirmed by the encouragement of the Albanian Deputy Minister of Tourism a few days ago to boycott all the shops in Northern Epirus where the employees speak Greek.

On the other hand, just as the people of Asia Minor who were slaughtered and uprooted but in metropolitan Greece were welcomed as “Turkish seeds,” for many of us here we are still the “Albanians”.

And let us give to the homeland the greatest national benefactors, let us give heroes and Olympians.

And let us lose Aristotle Gouma and Konstantinos Katsifas from Albanian chauvinism.

Now our elders are losing the few they deserve.

But there seems to be money for those who invade and colonize this country and not for those who guard Thermopylae.

I conclude, returning to where I started, to the Municipal Council of Athens and the municipal authority, to which a few months ago we addressed a question about the fate of the much-suffering Northern Epirus.

Not only have we not received any response yet, on the contrary we have seen them give the floor to foreigners and non-religious people who invaded Greece to demand – and eventually be given – goods for which we have shed a lot of sweat.

Finally, it does not matter that Turkey – which sends us the Islamist hordes – made Hagia Sophia into a mosque… Here the mosque at Votanikos is proceeding normally!

We do not ask for any favor, we just expect at least from the state and local government to stop provoking us, making fun of us and insulting us with their strange “sensitivities” and priorities,

* Montis Kolilas comes from Himarra (Χειμάρρα, Albanian: Himarë) and is vice president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Northern Epirus.

His article first appeared on Northern Epirus Movement.

Guest Contributor

This piece was written for Greek City Times by a Guest Contributor