Savvidis hit backs at Turkish trolls after PAOK is drawn with Beşiktaş in Champions League Qualifier

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PAOK will face Turkish side Beşiktaş in the second qualifying round of the Champions League on either August 25 or 26 at Toumba stadium in Thessaloniki.

Immediately after the draw, a number of provocative messages from Turkish social media users flooded the Twitter and Instagram of PAOK.

Specifically, they posted photos of Mustafa Kemal, the founding father of Turkey and main perpetrator of the Greek Genocide, as well as Turkish frigates.

The provocative behavior of the Turkish social media users did not go unanswered, as George Savvidis, sent his own message to the Turkish trolls spamming PAOK's social media accounts with images and gif's of Turkey's genocidal founding father.

The son of Ivan Savvidis, who today celebrates eight years of owning PAOK, went to Instagram to post an image of Winston Churchill, Britain's Prime Minister during World War II, and his famous quote:

"Hence we will not say that Greeks fight like heroes, but that heroes fight like Greeks."

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On this day in 2012, Ivan Savvidis took over PAOK with the aim of leading the famous Thessaloniki team to success.

Savvidis paid  ten million euros in the increase of the share capital of PAOK, acquiring 51% of shares.

"With the good cooperation and the common vision and of course with the support of the people, we hope that PAOK will soon conquer what it deserves," A PAOK announcement said on the same day.

A few days later, Savvidis explained his decision to get involved in PAOK's administration.

"I saw a team on the verge of survival. I made a decision: to live," he said on August 15 from Panagia Soumela in the Ponturs region of today's southeastern Black Sea coast in Turkey.

The Soviet-born businessman achieved a lot, first by clearing the teams old debts in 2015. Titles followed, with the 2017 Greek Cup and the Greek championship, after 34 years, in 2019.

The next goal of Savvidis for PAOK is the group stage of the Champions League, in order to justify the efforts and investment of so many years.