EU says it stands in "full solidarity" with Greece and Cyprus

1 27

The EU's full solidarity with Greece and Cyprus was expressed by the Representative of the Commission in charge of foreign affairs, during a briefing with journalists.

"The EU stands with full solidarity on the side of Greece and Cyprus and there is no doubt about that," said Peter Stano, the EU's foreign affairs spokesperson.

At the same time, Stano described the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean as "extremely worrying" and noted that "it should be resolved through dialogue and not through a series of steps that increase escalation and tensions."

"Developments have shown that more needs to be done to reduce the tension and reverse the very negative and unfortunate escalating climate," Stano said, falling short of even mentioning Turkey as the aggressor.

At the same time, he underlined that the statement made by the High Representative on Sunday for the Eastern Mediterranean was very clear. He stressed that the latest developments are extremely worrying and that the growing tensions are not an answer to any of these problems that may exist in the region.

"They will only lead to more competition and mistrust," he said, adding that "what needs to be done is a commitment that all these open issues are resolved along the lines of good neighborly relations, international law and a positive commitment."

Once again, the EU is showing a policy of appeasing Turkey as it fails to mention the non-EU member state as the aggressor state against Greece.

By making the standard call for good neighborly relations and the use of international law, the EU is demonstrating that it will do next to nothing to deal with Turkey's aggression with Greece and Cyprus.

Although Greece has in recent times signed Exclusive Economic Zone deals with Italy and Egypt by referencing the United Nations Charter Law of the Sea, Turkey remains one of 15 countries in the whole world that refuses to sign or acknowledge it, bringing to question why the EU thinks Turkey would adhere to international law.