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Prominent Greek Poet Dinos Christianopoulos, passes away aged 89

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Prominent Greek academic and literary figure Dinos Christianopoulos, passed away in Thessaloniki on Tuesday aged 89.

Christianopoulos studied literature at Aristotle University, from which he graduated in 1954.

He made his first appearance on the literary scene in 1949 with the poem “Biography”. In 1950 he published a collection of poems, “Season of the Lean Cows”.

His poetry is considered highly erotic and influenced by the works of Constantine Cavafy. He once said that “the difference between us is that Cavafy is sensualistic while I write about the agony of erotic depravation.”

In 1958 he founded the literary journal “Diagonal”, which he continued to publish until 1983. The journal acted as a greenhouse for contemporary poets and writers. In 1962 he started Diagonal Publications.


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