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Two injured turtles rescued in Limassol, Cyprus


Τwo injured green turtles are being treated at a Meneou rehabilitation facility, CyprusMail reported.

The two adult turtles, a male and a female, were found in Limassol and were transferred at the beginning of the month to the Marine Aquaculture Research Centre (CyMARC) in Meneou, which also operates as a turtle rescue centre.

According to Melina Marcou, an official with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research, the two turtles have lung injuries.

“After their treatment is completed, they will be released back into the sea,” Marcou told Cyprus News Agency.

Marcou called on people using speedboats, jet skis and vessels with propellers to be especially careful since turtles are in shallow waters this part of the season for their reproductive activity. “Most of them lie on the sea surface during the day in a lethargic state and bask in the sun, so they do not move much,” she said.

The marine biologist also called on people to be careful when visiting the beaches in the area of Meneou and Kiti in Larnaca where there are turtle nests.



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